Councillor Report

2013 Election Healthy Calgary Survey - How Your Councillors Responded

Re: Support for a Municipal Cosmetic Pesticide Bylaw
Yes:  Brian Pincott, Ward 11               No:  Jim Stevenson, Ward 3                    
Support for Review of a Municipal Pesticide Bylaw
Mayor Nenshi                                      Shane Keating, Ward 12
Gian-Carlo Carra, Ward 9                   Diane Colley-Urquhart, Ward 13
Andre Chabot, Ward 10

Did not respond to the Survey

Ward Sutherland, Ward 1                     Druh Farrell, Ward 7
Joe Magliocca, Ward 2                         Evan Woolley, Ward 8
Sean Chu, Ward 4                                Peter Demong, Ward 14
Richard Pootmans, Ward 6

1) PRE- ELECTION SURVEY,   SEPTEMBER 24-28 2007 - How the Aldermen answered!

RE:  “Would you support a bylaw phasing out the *cosmetic use of pesticides on private and public lands in Calgary?”
                YES                    NO

2) CITY COUNCIL MEETING,  JULY 14 & 15, 2008 - How the Aldermen voted!
Recommendation #3:  That Council direct Administration to bring forward a proposed Pesticide Bylaw for consideration by Council, through the SPC on Utilities and Environment no later than 2009 October.

Recommendation #4:  That Council direct Administration to Prepare a City of Calgary Pesticide Use Policy consistent with the Pesticide Use provisions of a proposed Pesticide Bylaw by 2009 December 2009

Aldermen highlighted in red said they would support a bylaw phasing out the cosmetic use of pesticides pre the October 15, 2007 election.  For the record, on July 15, 2008  Diane Colley-Urquhart, Joe Connelly, Jim Stevenson, and Andre Chabot REVERSED THEIR SUPPORT AND VOTED AGAINST the Notice of Motion regarding a PESTICIDE BYLAW.
How the Aldermen have voted on the pesticide issue:  2007-2009

                                 1) Pre-Election Survey 2) City Council        3) U&E
                                              September 2007                July 14 & 15 , 2008       Oct. 7, 2009
                                                                                         Recom. #3  Recom. #4
David Bronconnier                Did not respond                YES                YES           DNA*    
Dale Hodges                         Yes (late respondent)       YES                YES              DNA
Gord Lowe                             Did not respond               NO                  NO               YES
Jim Stevenson                       YES                                 NO                  NO                NO Hawkesworth                  YES                                 YES                YES              YES 
Ray Jones                              YES                                 YES                YES              DNA
Joe Connelly                          YES                                 NO                  NO                NO
Druh Farrell                            YES                                 YES                YES              YES
John Mar                                YES                                 YES                YES              DNA
Joe Ceci                                 YES                                 YES                YES              YES         
Andre Chabot                         YES                                 NO                 
NO                DNA
rian Pincott                           YES                                 NO                  YES              YES
Ric McIver                              YES/NO                           YES                YES              DNA   
Dianne Colley Urqhart            YES (acclaimed)              NO                 NO                YES    
Linda Fox-Mellway                 Did not respond (accl.)
    NO                 NO                 NO

*DNA:  did not attend

Full Candidate responses, click here!

Mayor Dave Bronconnier, Sharon Stevens (Joe Ceci staff), Alderman Joe Ceci enjoying organic dandelion soup, courtesy of Spoon Fed Soup.

In 1999,  a petition signed by over 2000 people was taken to Calgary City Council.  A meeting was held in Council Chambers to hear arguments around passing a bylaw similar to our proposal - phasing out unnecessary pesticide use on public and private lands.

Many of our current Aldermen were in office then. How they voted then is noted below.

Since 1999, scientific evidence has grown, and the evidence of a relationship between pesticide use and health risks continues to be validated: including delayed development in children, birth defects, asthma, cancer, neurological difficulties. The weight of scientific evidence shows repeatedly that pesticides are harmful to health and to the environment.

There is also ample evidence that green spaces can be managed naturally and well, in our own region and in other cities. Read more . . .

If other cities have done it (and over 132 other Municipalities in Canada have), so can we!

Bylaws have also been found to be the only effective way to reduce unnecessary pesticide use. Read more . . .

We encourage you to contact your Alderman and candidates and ask them to support this bylaw. Isn’t our health and the health of our environment worth it? We only need 8 Aldermen to pass the bylaw and we already have 5 on-side! Citizen letters and calls over the last few months have made a difference!

 Click here for info on how to contact your Alderman. Please focus on contacting the Aldermen who are not yet on-side and could be convinced:  Craig Burrows, Gord Lowe, Dale Hodges, Linda Fox-Mellway, Andre Chabot,  Ray Jones, Ric McIver. See below for how to contact candidates for the Oct. 15, 2007 election.

Click here for info on how to contact your Alderman.

Click here to download contact information for all candidates for the Oct. 15, 2007 election. Note that in Ward 6, Rosemary Berglund has withdrawn from the race.

As we get new information (and this could come from your contact with the candidates and your report to, we will report on their support for a pesticide bylaw. Here is what we know so far:

Mayoralty Candidate Alnoor Kassam would support a pesticide bylaw. "I would work to build a consensus on city council to see a comprehensive bylaw passed as my first environmental initiative as Mayor.  The bylaw would phase-out the unnecessary use of pesticides within the city limits of Calgary, with an exemption for golf courses for the time being." Click here for his web-site.

The current Mayor - Dave Bronconnier has not yet said he will support a pesticide bylaw. He does say that his wife has a pesticide-free yard sign on their yard and wants to replace their lawn with prairie grasses. Call his campaign office at 777-9990 to urge him to support a bylaw. Click here for his web-site.

Ward 11 Candidate Brian Pincott is running in the ward formerly held by Barry Erskine. Brian supports a pesticide bylaw and  worked on the 1999 campaign to have a pesticide bylaw passed. He is very knowledgeable on this issue and on environmental issues in general. Click here for his web-site.

Ward 1 Candidate Jennifer Banks,
running against Alderman Dale Hodges, supports a pesticide bylaw. She is a social worker who has been an environmental educator and supports green growth and a sustainable city.  Click here for her web-site.

Ward 1 Candidate Normand Perrault ,running against Alderman Dale Hodges, supports a pesticide bylaw. He has never used pesticides himself. He is a retired general contractor. You can contact him at 286-9438.

Ward 2 Candidate Biagio Joe Magliocca
does not use pesticides himself and worries about the pesticide warning signs. He would like to see a more environmentally friendly solution used.

Ward 8 Candidate Lindsay Luhnau supports a pesticide bylaw, has been working at the Clean Calgary organization and is working to reduce Calgary's waste through recycling building materials. She is running against incumbent Madeline King, who also supports a pesticide bylaw. Click here for her web-site.

Ward 8 Candidate Steve Chapman supports a pesticide bylaw and writes: "I have always been concerned about the unrestricted use of chemicals (having a young family) and have never used them. I have always found safer and more natural ways of dealing with both weeds and insects." Click here for his web-site.